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The complete shakes Detox

So Detox sounds scary it's not this is the plan and what to do when the shakes arrive.

The First 7-10 Days DETOX (whilst your shakes arrive)

Stick to the food groups given whilst your shakes come one client lost 10lbs whilst waiting for her shakes to arrive by using these food groups and doing work outs!
I recommend people NOT to weigh themselves continuously! Note in a diary every two weeks measurements of waist, hips and thighs also to take a picture to track their progress so when they look back they can visually see how well they've done!
For maximum results, it’s going to take us 10 Days to ‘cleanse’ your fat stores, again this is a MUST DO!!
 Here’s the WHY:
Detox cleanses your body from head to toe of any toxins in the body! All the things that make you feel crap, tired, bloated, and lifeless! If you don’t detox you WILL NOT gets the results you want! The better the detox the better the nutrients from the shakes get absorbed into your body = FASTER RESULTS!!
SO…. Start your programme below eat 3 healthy meals whilst your shakes arrive!
When shakes arrive:

0-8 weeks 

2 shakes + 1 healthy meal 
2 snacks per day

8-14 weeks
1 shake
2 healthy meals
2 snacks per day

14-16 weeks 
3 healthy meals 
2 snacks per day

* 1-2 potions of fruit per day
* no fruit after 2pm
* ONLY 50g of carbs which are listed below
* drink 2 litre water per day
* drink lemon & hot water / green tea every morning & night 
* Exercise 3 times a week high intensity to burn fat

How to mix your shakes
Measure your shakes sparingly to make sure you don’t run out! Use half a scoop or 16grams.
The shakes can be mix with,
§  Almond milk
§  Hazelnut milk
§  Rice milk
§  Soya milk
§  Coconut milk
We recommend 250ml but if you want more or less that’s fine mix it to the thickness you like!
Foods you need to avoid,
Lager, Wine, Alcopops, Vodka, Champagne Alcohol is a toxin. As such your body has to work extremely hard to detoxify your system placing stress upon your liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.On a molecular level, alcohol is a potent sugar that triggers insulins ecretion, blood sugar imbalance and increase body fat storage

Caffeine Tea, Coffee, Fizzy Drinks Caffeine first overexcites and then later ‘wears out’ the body’s energy producing glands. This leads to massive energy fluctuations and the subsequent need for sugary foods.

Wheat and Gluten
Bread, Pasta, Cakes, Biscuits, Soup and some sauces (these often contain gluten as a thickener) For many, wheat and gluten products are simply indigestible or place stress on the digestive system leading to a sluggish metabolism and intolerances. In addition, modern wheat, especially after processing is barely distinguishable from simple sugar, leading to all of the same problems!

Processed Foods
Anything containing an E Number, unpronounceable name, pre-cooked, pre-packed
or long life. These products flood the body with toxins it simply can’t cope with.

White, Brown, Beet, Molasses, Honey, Processed, Fructose, Maltose, Dextrose and Corn Sugar All sugar creates an insulin response. The simpler the makeup of the sugar, the more rapid and aggressive the insulin response, Unfortunately again, so much of our diet contains sugar that this response becomes too frequent and excessively high or low depending on the type of dysfunction and leads to energy fluctuations and fat storage.

Sugar Substitutes
Sweetener would recommend avoiding them entirely as they are linked to conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, spasms, shooting pains, numbness, cramps, headaches, joint pain, dizziness and numerous other medical problems.

Milk, Cream, Low Fat Yoghurt, Spreadable Butter, Other than eggs, butter and fullfat live yoghurt you should try and avoid dairy. This is because most dairy produceis heavily processed and uses pasteurisation and homogenisation in order to maintain its ‘shelf life’. Unfortunately, these processes kill off ALL of the enzymes required to properly digest them meaning that your body has to work overtime to digest them, this is a major cause of food intolerance.

What snacks can you have? Pick 2 of the following bullet points  per day
§  2 pieces of fruit before 2pm (you can either blend into shakes or eat separately)
§  Homemade hummus and crudités
§  Rice cakes
§  Boiled egg
§  Melon and Parma ham
§  Chicken strips
§  Celery and peanut butter
§  Juice plus+ chocolate shape bar
§  2squares of 70% dark chocolate
§  Small handful un-salted nuts/seeds
§  Greek yoghurt tsp honey
§  Juice plus+ chewables
What can you have for your healthy meal?
You will have all heard this before but imagine your plate was split into quarters your aim is to fill 1 quarter with protein, 1 quarter with carbs and the other half with vegetables.
Food groups
Healthy carbs (1/4 plate)
§  Sweet potato
§  Brown rice
§  Quiona
§  Rice noodles
Protein (1/4 plate)
§  Lean meat and poultry
§  Fish and seafood
§  Beans and pulses
§  Eggs
§  Cheese, goats, feta or hulummi only try limit to 2/3 a week
Vegetables (1/2 plate)
§  Pile your plate, bulk meals out with plenty of veggies to keep yourself full!

What Should I Drink?
§  At LEAST, 1 litre of clean filtered water for every 50lbs of bodyweight. This will help flush out the toxins as they’re released from your fat stores and reduce the negative effect of toxin release. Aim for 3 litres a day of filtered, Evian or Volvic. In addition this will aid weight reduction and prevent energy fluctuations. 

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